Connah is now a Teenager

About Connah Broom

Hello, my name is Connah. I am 11 years old and live in Gronant in N Wales with my Grandparents Debbie and Jim and my Dad Chris. In November 2005 I started feeling ill and complaining of pains in my side, these pains lasted no more than a couple of minutes at a time and were weeks and sometimes months apart. We went to numerous GP's and Doctors in Glan Clwyd Hospital who diagnosed everything from Growing pains, attention seeking to trapped wind and blocked bowels. This lasted through to August 2006 when I was finally diagnosed correctly after a lump appeared my neck.

I was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer. My illness is called Neuroblastoma Cancer it is a tumour arising from particular nerve cells which run in a chain-like fashion up the back of the abdomen, chest and into the skull following the line of spinal cord. My condition is classed as Neuroblastoma Stage 4 High Risk. There are no higher stages. Only approximately 100 children a year are diagnosed with this horrible disease and the survival rate is 1 in 5. The Primary tumour is sited across my abdomen with other tumors which were in my chest, Lymph Glands, Arm, and Shoulder and in both legs above the knee; it was also in my bones and bone marrow.

I had chemotherapy until March 2007 and while it did stop further growth and a little shrinkage did take place there is, no evidence that the treatment was going to cure me. Unfortunately there is very little funding in the U.K. for research into Neuroblastoma, which quite often means that children have to go to other Countries outside the EEC for further treatment. This has to be funded solely by family and friends and with donations. We have decided to use alternative therapies which is being paid for by us without assistance from the Government .

It is the aim of the appeal to provide funding for all the supplements and the treatment that I am receiving at home. Once I am completely free of disease any monies raised not required for this cause will all be donated to research into Neuroblastoma Cancer.

I am asking for donation’s for my fund, any donation is accepted with gratitude, and Thank you for taking time to read my story.

Love Connah; xxx