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message graphicEllen
Posted on: 15/11/2013

Brilliant story on line mail..........Its about an incredible family. x x

message graphicIryn (Uganda)
Posted on: 15/11/2013

Hullo Connah, this is my first time of hearing about you--just read your story on dailymail! You are amazing-Ive just been going through a difficult situation and your story of resilience has taught me that in life we must fight for what we want and never give up. Am sure at 12 years, you have touched lives of people in many positive ways than you will ever know. I thank you and wish the very best on your birthday.

message graphicEllen and Phoebe
Posted on: 13/11/2013

Happy Birthday, have a smashing day! We are all thinking of you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

message graphicJan Cordani
Posted on: 23/10/2013

Connah, it's been a year since I last left a message but I've continued to read about your success. You and your family will always have a place in our hearts, stay safe and best of luck in High School !!! With much love, Jan from Atlanta, GA XXXXXX

message graphicMorgan Laing (Connahs Friend From School)
Posted on: 10/10/2013

Hey Connah How Ya Doin Im Ill atm but ill see u tommoz at school :D

message graphickeiran bridle
Posted on: 10/10/2013

hello Connah hope you get well soon.

message graphicJR
Posted on: 06/10/2013

Many thanks Connah and also to your brill nan and grandad for putting up with me and Ruaridh! Also for looking after us and for the book which I read in one go-it's excellent!! I got finished at 3.30 am today..... so it's been a rather lazy Sunday after that! I hope The Mail run the story, video & pics nicely tomorrow ;-) Best wishes, JR xxx

message graphicDianne Hill
Posted on: 30/09/2013

Hi Connah, I work at the stadium on the tours. I have passed your book on to Joe. Wishing you all the very best for the future.

message graphicNic n mike ❤
Posted on: 04/09/2013

Good luck in your BIG school xx loves you xx big boy now !!!

message graphicBelle
Posted on: 03/09/2013

Woof woof 🐶🐶

message graphicBob
Posted on: 23/08/2013

I Connah, it was a pleasure to meet you today and take you on the Quad & Kayak tour. Cancer is an awful decease that can hit anyone at anytime, I will let you into a secret I was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago, but my treatment has been successful and I just need to have annual checkups now. It can be beaten just dont give up fighting, this web site is an excellent idea, good luck and hope to see you again soon.

message graphicstefano
Posted on: 29/07/2013

hello are a great hero!! how many time you spent for each session in the sauna cabin or in the sauna blanket ? i wish you all the best !! you are very very strong !!

message graphicamy worral
Posted on: 13/06/2013

jordan rowdey loves you

message graphicashely worral
Posted on: 13/06/2013


message graphicAlessandra
Posted on: 13/06/2013

You are a hero! I wish you all the best! From italy with love ;-)