Connah is now a Teenager

Videos about Connah and his fight against Neuroblastoma.

  • Director / Videographer: Ruaridh Connellan
  • Producer: Hannah Mouland
  • Editor: Joshua Douglas / Ian Phillips

Some months ago a group students from Gloucestershire University spent a number of days visiting us and recording our day to day activities and discussing Connah's condition and how it has affected us. They have put together a 10 minute video, which we think is excellent. If you have time please watch it as it explains a little more about the situation that we and other Families have found ourselves in. I would like to thank the whole team who spent considerable time and effort putting this together.

  • Matt Hunt - Director
  • Paul Bale - Co-Director/Cinematography
  • James Prismall - Producer/Cinematography
  • Ollie Butlin - Sound
  • Leanne Hayes - Editor
  • George Miles - Editor

This was produced with great care by Benn Johnson, thanks Benn.